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Essay Contest winners 2018


(Essay contest winners left to right) Abigail Escobedo, Caroline Jamus, Becky VanPool, Central Region Council of Catholic Women President and Emma Bannister.

   How Blessed Stanley Rother Inspires Me

                         1st Place winner Emma Banniser

Blessed Stanley Rother personally inspires me because of his persistence to become a priest. Even though he failed multiple times, his ability to get up and keep going makes me want to do the same. When he was doing what he loved and adored, like serving his people and God, he was not sad, but overjoyed to be doing what he loved.

When someone says “He is the Shepherd and we are his flock” I think about God and leading us to be his flock. The Bible states “He tends his flock like a shepherd: he gathers the lambs in his arms and holds them close to his heart; he gently leads those with young: (Isaiah 40:11). This is talking about Jesus leading us, but is also about Blessed Stanley Rother leading his flock in Guatemala. Without him what would the people do? Maybe still be living in fear. Blessed Rother gave them that freedom to live life not in fear, bur to the fullest.

This is the way I want to be. A leader for my family, school, and church community. Blessed Rother acted the way Jesus did. We are made in God’s image, and if Blessed Rother can lead his flock, we can too. In conclusion, Blessed Rother is my top role model because of the way he lived his life. Thank you and God bless.

Emma Bannister, 7th grade student, St. John Nepomuk-Yukon

2nd Place Winner  Abigail Escobedo

There are always people in life who aspire to be something great. To have their name remembered, when all is lost. But there are also other who live a simplistic life, happily serving our Great Father. Blessed Stanley Rother was one of these people. Going by the example of the Messiah, he led countless amounts of his followers to our Lord. One of the many qualities I find inspiring of Fr. Stanley is his compassion. He poured his whole life into serving is parishioners. Another characteristic I value of this exceptional man is his joy. Not everyone put in his position would have the same cheerful attitude he had. Since the beginning of time, when love meets hate, sin always occurs. In this case however, Father Stanley Rother followed the example of Christ. When given the option between abandoning Jesus and his faith, he chose death. In all this vengeance,  Jesus Christ told us, “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of it, the world hates you.” a large quantity of people would take this passage and turn away from becoming a child of God, because of the unpopularity, or hardships that come along with this responsibility. Unlike most, Father showed us that what us right is not always easy, and what is easy is not always right. Just like Father Stanley Rother said,’ The shepherd cannot run at the first sigh of danger.” Instead of fearing the future, let’s focus on blessing others, and going back to the arms of our first love.

Abigail Escobedo, 8th grade student,  Our Lady of Victory,  Purcell

  3rd Place Winner Caroline Jamus

The three qualities of Bl. Stanley Rother that I have found inspiring is that he went back to Guatemala for Holy Week even thought it was too much of a risk even of knowing that s group wanted to kill him. He was struggling with Latin, but this didn’t stop hi from being a priest. He came out to the three masked men even though that was his lat day. Those are the things I personally thought were inspiring about Blessed Stanley Rother.

Blessed Stanley Rother was an American priest from Okarche, Oklahoma and died a martyr on July 28, 1981 in Guatemala. He’s served in the missionary in Guatemala for over 13 years. Fr. Rother was born on March 27, 1935. When he was in high school, he started to consider to start the vocation leading him to the priesthood. Fr. Rother was then accepted and was sent to a Seminary in San Antonia, Texas. During his journey to become a priest, Fr. Rother was struggling with Latin. Because he was struggling with the language, he lad to leave because his grades were inadequate. But then, they decided to give him a second chance and he then still continued his journey to priesthood.

Bl. Stanley Rother was enrolled at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg,  Maryland. He ended up graduating and was ordained a priest on May 25, 1963. Then he was given permission to join the staff at the diocese in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. When he preached at the church in Guatemala, he instantly connected with them because he learned to speak Spanish. Everything was going great, until one day.

On July  28, 1981 at around 1:00 am, Fr. Rother was told that there were thee masked men cooking for him. When he went to the men, he was shot two times. After his death everyone was shocked to head the Bl. Stanley Rother died. The people f Guatemala said stuff like, “They’ve killed our priest.” Later then, his heart was buried under the altar of the church in Guatemala. Those were the things I’ve found inspiring about Ft. Rother from early life to death.

Caroline Jamus , 8th grade student, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton-Edmond

ACCW 2018-2020 Board

combined 2018-2020 ACCW Board
Susan Evans, South Region President; Bettie Cooper, South Region Parliamentarian; Becky VanPool, Central Region President; Treva Davis, ACCW Treasurer; Kathleen Flanagan, Immediate Past President; Mary Ann Schmitt, ACCW Secretary

2018 Scholarship winners

Meet the winners of the ACCW 2018-2019 scholarship. They are twins Brooke and Brittany Carr. The are graduates of Yukon High School. The girls attend St. John Nepomuk in Yukon and will be attending school this fall at SW State in Weatherford, OK

Steppin’ Out in Faith Living the Life God Designed

April 14, 2018

ccw registrationccw registration(1)

Please join the Tulsa DCCW on Saturday, April 14 at the Church of Saint Benedict for a wonderful day of prayer and reflection. The speakers are Kathy Beckham, a member of the Church of STt Mary, who will shares her talent of music throughout the diocese. Marybeth Hicks, Author, columnist, and national speaker for women’s organizations, civic groups, parent groups, school communities and churches and Father John O’Neill, Pastor at St. John Before the Latin gate Parish, Bartlesville, OK

To print registration form, click on the ccw registration link above above!

Rose Day February 7, 2018

We are sponsoring our annual Rose Day Event at the State Capitol on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. All adults and students in the Archdiocese are invited to show their love for the unborn child by participating in this event. While at the Capitol, attendees will distribute roses, representing the sanctity of life, to our govenrment officials and ask Oklahoma lawmakers to continue their support of pro-life issues. You are asked to bring 4 red roses for presentation.

Before the events at the Capitol begin, a Mass will be offered at 7:30 a in the St. Francis of Assisi Church Chapel, 1901 NW 18th St, on the second floor of the Meerschaert House. Immediately following the Mass, a brunch hosted by St. Jude Guild of the St. Francis Altar Society will be served in the Kelley Room. You are invited to be a guest at the brunch.

For those who would like transportation to the Capitol, the ACCW has chartered a bus which will leave from the St. Francis parking lot at 9:30 a.m. Reservation are required for the bus and can be made by calling or texting Mary Ann Schmitt @ 405-650-9674.

A round trip ticket for the bus is $15.00 and is payable by check to ACCW and mailed to Mary Ann Schmitt @ 1820 N. Ann Arbor, Okc, Ok 73127-2846.

Please make your reservation as soon as possible!

Central Region had a wonderful, informative meeting on Saturday, October 28 . We met at the Catholic Charities offices in OKC and our guest speaker was Sheila Mueller. She presented a program on some of our women saints. It was a great lead in to All Saints and All Souls Day.

Rose Day 2017

Rose Day riders February 8, 2017. Great group. Had mass and brunch at St. Francis then rode the bus to the Capitol
Rose Day riders February 8, 2017. Great group. Had mass and brunch at St. Francis then rode the bus to the Capitol
Soledad Gaspat from St. Francis delivering roses to the Governor
Soledad Gaspat from St. Francis delivering roses to the Governor
Photo of Governor's office with all the roses
Photo of Governor’s office with all the roses



We had 27 women from Oklahoma City, Yukon, Enid,  Lawton and Walters join us for mass, brunch and a bus ride to the State Capitol on Wednesday, February 8. What a great day at our Capitol. We are blessed that Oklahoma is the most right to life state in the nation. Our legislators are committed to protecting all life from conception to natural death. Thanks to everyone who was able to make the trip or be there in spirit with us.

Mass and tour of Our Lady’s Cathedral 1-20-17

On Saturday, January 20, the CRCCW  met for 8:30 mass and then were given a tour of Our Lady’s Cathedral. Deacon Paul Lewis was our guide. We started at the Altar and then went to each stained glass window.. The history of our cathedral is amazing. The tour took about 1 1/2 hours and that was just the tip of the iceberg. What a great legacy we have in our churches here in Oklahoma. If you have never had the opportunity to go on a tour, I highly recommend it. They do have a booklet that explains much of the history. Perhaps at a later date we can schedule another tour for the ladies who were unable to join us.