South Region


OFFICERS FOR 2016-2017 Spiritual Moderator:             Rev. Peter Jandaczek

President:                                     Sharon Steven

Vice President:                          Susan Evans

Secretary:                                      Victoria Stringer

Treasurer:                                      Jo Ann Landoll

Parliamentarian:                        Bettie Cooper

Auditor:                                           Antionette Dutton


  • Seven Faith Habits
  • Ask for God’s blessing each morning
  • Receive the Holy Eucharist for strength and nourishment
  • Offer a Prayer at mealtime
  • Reach out to help a neighbor in need
  • Savor a few minutes of silence
  • Give thanks to God each night

South Region Quarterly meeting dates for 2016-2017 

November 12, 2016         @ Blessed Sacrement/Lawton

February 11,2017               Holy Family/Lawton- Women of Faith in                                                                        Action Award Presentation

April 15, 2017                         Assumption of the BVM, Duncan

September 15, 2017           Immaculate Conception of BVM, Marlow

November 11, 2017            St. Patrick, Walters

February 10, 2018                Blessed Sacrement, Lawton –Women of                                                                           Faith in Action Presentation

April 14, 2018                         St. Ann, Elgin (Installation of Officers for                                                                                2018-2020)

NOTE:                                          If St. Ann, Elgin , cannot host meeting, St.                                                              Patrick in Walters will.