OFFICERS FOR 2018-2019

Spiritual Moderator:            Rev. Peter Jandaczek

President:                                     Victoria Stringer                  

Vice President:                          

Secretary:                                       Iris Fraticelli

Treasurer:                                      Jo Ann Landoll

Parliamentarian:                        Bettie Cooper


Spirituality:                                    Iris Fraticelli

Leadership:                                    MaryAnn Holman

Service:                                             Sharon Stephen


  • Seven Faith Habits
  • Ask for God’s blessing each morning
  • Receive the Holy Eucharist for strength and nourishment
  • Offer a Prayer at mealtime
  • Reach out to help a neighbor in need
  • Savor a few minutes of silence
  • Give thanks to God each night

South Region Quarterly meeting dates for 2020-2021 are on hold. Stay tuned

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