2021-2023 ACCW Executive Board

Spiritual Advisor:                            Father Bill Pruett

ACCW Co- Presidents    Novalyn Greff, Central Region and Victoria Stringer, South Region

Immediate Past Co-Presidents- Susan Evans, South Region and Alissa Patterson, Central Region

Recording Secretary-                Mary Ann Schmitt

Treasurer-                                        Kathy Holland

Auditor-                                            Jodie Ford

Parliamentarian                           MaryAnn Holman

Central Region President       Novalyn Greff

South Region President           Victoria Stringer

Leadership Commission

The Leadership Commission is responsible for organizational development, opportunities for training and resources and programs for organizational growth. Leadership Commission co-chairs for Central Region- Becky VanPool

Service Commission

The Service Commission can be referred to as the umbrella commission as it covers Family, Community and International Concerns.

Service Commission Chair for Central Region- Mary Ann Schmitt

Spirituality Commission

The Spirituality Commission reinforces faith and supports service to the Church and to the world through discipleship and spiritual growth; and encourages legislative advocacy at the local, state and national level. Spirituality Chair for Central Region- Kathy Shannon